If you're a nonprofit feeling stuck on how to reach your fundraising goals, tired of hosting events which fall short in financial return or feel too nervous to even try one, then this podcast is for you. Learn the A-Z of Fundraising Events, so you can finally generate 6-figures of revenue and get a real ROI!

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Episode 51: The Weirdest but Coolest Fundraising Event I Ever Planned

What I'm about to share with you on today's episode is NOT about ANOTHER GALA ( insert eyeroll ) ... [Read More]


Episode 50: Help! My Board Won't Fundraise at our annual event!

Raise your hand (mentally) if this is a problem in your nonprofit: Your Board doesn't invite guests to the annual fundraising event, and they don't fill a table.  They don't contribute to the auction by donating an auction item or purchasing an auction item.  Worst yet, you schedule all of these fundraising event planning meetings, and they don't even come!... [Read More]


Episode 49: Nobody is buying tickets to your fundraising event

Nobody is buying tickets to your fundraising event! Why? Tune in to learn why no one is showing up and what you can do to turn that around!... [Read More]


Episode 46: Are You A Swag Lover?

There is tons of information out there in the vastness of the internet. There is so much free content out there that can really be helpful to get you started. But that’s the thing. It’s there to get you started. If you’re someone that is constantly consuming free content... [Read More]


Episode 45: The Results Are In and We Raised $470k on June 1!

The results are in! And we have proudly raised $470,000! I want to talk to you about just HOW we did it because this was an incredible event. We started planning this back in September so it’s been a massive undertaking for everyone... [Read More]


Episode 44: The Psychology of Giving

I’ve worked with a number of nonprofits raise money through fundraising events, but I also coach nonprofits to help them level up their fundraising game. I wanted to sit down with you all and go over why someone would want to give to your organization. There are strategies that... [Read More]


Episode 43: How to Have a Cool Raffle

In my opinion, raffles can be kind of boring. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate the raffle items that I’ve seen donated over the years or the funds they helped to bring. I genuinely do. I just know that there are definitely ways to make raffles more fun, more inviting, and more exciting! [Read More]


Episode 42: The Best Production Timeline

I’ve seen quite a few different timelines in my day that had been both effective and ineffective. There’s a school of though that says that you can never have enough event production timelines. Each aspect of an event will have their own production timeline in place. In my opinion, it... [Read More]


Episode 41: Weird Rules of Thumb in Event Planning!

I’ve been running events for years, and like anyone that’s done anything for a long time, I’ve learned a lot of things during this time. These are just some of the things that can be daunting when planning your first event. Trying to determine how much of beverages you need to purchase, thinking of how... [Read More]


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